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The BIGGEST come up of 2019 has to be Megan Thee Stallion. The Houston artist has a massive following in such a short period of time. This can be attributed to her dope rapping ability, her connection with her fans on social media, and her care free way of being. Megan is at the top of Hip-Hop whether you love her or hate her you know about her regardless. She has been rapping for a minute now and is getting the recognition she deserves for working so hard. Her music is brash, hard hitting, and unapologetic which is everything women want now when it comes to rap. They have taken a back seat to the male dominated genre for so long. A select few such as Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim, Trina, Eve, Nicki, and Cardi have been able to break the mold. Currently there are more well known female rappers in the game than ever before and Megan is the latest to take the spotlight.


I personally first heard about Megan Thee Stallion on twitter. It was her Russian Creme cover that she did that got my attention. Her flow was dope and she seemed like she had something that others didn’t. It was one of those moments where you instantly recognize someone as a star. At only 24 years old she’s at a place that many only dream about. For a rapper that has been spitting since for around 5 years it seems like this moment was for her. The momentum she has been having has not slowed down a little bit which is great. Not only is she young and a talented songwriter she has done all this while attending college at the same time. She is a full time student as well as being a full time rapper. As of this year Megan is a Junior at “Texas Southern University”. This shows her dedication to her craft and her love for what she does.


It all started off in 2016. Megan dropped her first project ever to the world it was titled “Rich Ratchet”. As a fan of the legendary Pimp C herself, this album emulates that. It is much calmer and smoother than her music now. This album has that mellow feel perfect for a car ride with the top down. This made me want a collaboration between her and Big K.R.I.T. The next mixtape “Make it Hot” is a progression of the first one, the songs have a little bit more bass to them and her lyrics become more explicit which is great. Lastly we have “Tina snow”, this is the sound that Megan has stuck with and so far it has worked greatly in her favor. The album title is a play on her alter-ego and it has attracted so many followers this way. As a student, fan of anime and an aspiring horror film writer it’s safe to say she’s letting Tina take control of rap for now.


She has attained the attention of so many women in rap that it’s incredible to say the least. This wave is different, it seems more organic and humble than artists prior. With her bringing them on stage to twerk with her, or having “Hotties” parties all across the country, her impact is dope. It is true to her which is why the has been able to leverage her success so fast in a matter of years. She has been a polarizing figure to say the least, everyday on twitter people are arguing about her whether they are fans or for some reason don’t like her.


Megan Thee Stallion — “Fever” track-list

Track 1 starts the album off with a hard hitting bass and her powerful voice gives you a definite answer on what her energy is like and how she’s coming. She comments on the critics and people not understanding how she’s been able to be so successful. Track 2 has a self explanatory title “Hood Rat Shit” which is followed by a hilarious intro from a well known meme and video. It’s things like that, that make an album seem more special and attracts. “Pimpin”, Track 3 is definitely a southern track and has that bounce to it that they often have to it. If there was any track that shows elevation in both skill and mindfulness of how to create a song this is it. IT is layered with a repeating hook that is subtle yet effective. Repeating it is a smart decision as it will be rapped over and over again. Track 4 which is my favorite for obvious reasons features Dababy who is having success of his own. This was smart on a business decision level and attracts an audience that maybe didn’t listen to her in the past. Track 5 is another hard hitting shit talking track and has southern elements that add to the experience. Track 6 is a more melancholy track and is softer than everything we’ve heard so far on this album. Track 7 WILL BE the breakout song from this project. The title, the feature of Juicy J, the beat itself. Everything is prefect about “Simon Says”.


We are halfway through the album and that is another thing that I appreciate about this album, It’s not too long. In an era where we have 20 track songs on the regular, it’s nice to have shorter easier to digest albums. Track 8 is VERY explicit and raunchy in anyway possible but it’s true Tina Snow in effect. Megan loves to brag about how no one can handle her and this could also be a stab at Trey Songz who tweeted Megan earlier this year and said.

Track 9 is a braggadocios track and let’s everyone know that whatever you think of her doesn’t matter cause she’s good. Track 10 is a bop that low-key sound like it was made in the 2000's. Track 11 is the “Ratchet” anthem that will have all the girls twerking all summer long. Track 12 is “Sex Talk” which was the leading single for this album before it dropped. It’s bass heavy and the lyrical content is till the same as other tracks. Track 13 is a different pace and sound from anything else on this entire project. It is very slow and softer than other songs. Megan is flexing her melodic ability as she is flowing more so than rapping on this record. Right after that slow song we get a much faster pace record to end the project on Track 14.



  1. “REALER”
  2. “PIMPIN”



RATING — 7.5/10

Thee Stallion is on a tear and it’s safe to say this is not only her summer but her year in general. Performing at Coachella, and already being nominated to receive some awards so early in this stage of her career is dope.She is on the right path and if she keeps pushing will be the future of women in rap for a long time to come.




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