Purify your “Badmind” with Donavon


This is legitimately going to be the shortest article I’ve written so far. I came across this artist fairly recently and I loved the music right away. As I searched him up to try to learn more about him I found his Instagram. On there were photos of some of his influences. As I dug into his profile I saw a photo of Marvin Gaye which instantly made sense to me after listening to the project. From the first song we understand what Donovan is trying to do and why his sound is the way it is. Other than that I have no idea who this kid is and would love to interview him one on one to get a better understanding of where he is from and his upbringing as well.


What I love about this project is that it shows where young people are with music. We get a terrible rap of having little to no appreciation for older music and those who came before us. We are though to be clueless when it comes to making music but from the photos alone you can see the vision and talent of Donavon and understand it. I feel as if he will one day get the exposure he needs/deserves and hopefully I can help get an artist this young and of this caliber to get it. With that let’s get into the album!!!


I was really impressed with what I heard, I searched for a label and saw Badmind on iTunes. This is the record label hat fellow Brooklyn artist Joey Bada$$ created himself. If Donavon is on that label, it is dope to see an artist under that label and making music that is different. The album is under the R&B category but it definitely has an element of funk to it which is heard immediately on Track 1. “Bad” starts off with a groovy baseline that is aided by a synthesizer, and accompanied drums in the background. It’s a cool/mellow track but what make it unique is Donavon’s ability to make the song even more interesting. His voice is captivating and not menacing on the song but complimentary. His inflections are perfectly placed and pauses are calculated but seem so natural. Track 2 is much quicker but still has the same aura about it like the first one. This time the synthesizer starts off, and the rest of the instruments join in later with Donavon on the vocals. When hearing this track you can’t help but to nod your head with the beat when it comes back harder than ever. Track 3 is an interlude and it sounds as if it’s a video of Shiggy speaking. The song is appropriately titled “Back In” where the speaker is detailing a female whom he is interested in. The interaction did not go well of course and he is salty about the whole situation. He is roasting his ex girlfriend’s new boyfriend and of course thinks he is better than him and calls him a cornball. I think it’s safe to say Donavon has been hurt in the past and is putting his feelings out there through his music.


Track 4 is where the album takes a turn. The tempo is no longer upbeat and the songs are not as happy as they were in the beginning. It seems in “Control” Donavon may be trying to replace his ex with someone else. He details having intercourse with someone which may or not be the one he wants. Nonetheless, at 4 am we can expect certain antics to be taking place and this could be his way of coping with it. Track 5 is certainly about his ex. Donavon talks about how his days are today and they aren’t the same without the one he wants there by his side. Track 6 is simply a beautiful instrumental track and a great way to end the album instead of having another song. Sometimes you just need to let an artist stop when they want to stop. When they have nothing left to say or they left everything on the project then labels and others should respect that.



  1. “BAD”
  2. “TRIP”

RATING — 9/10

The whole aesthetic is for nostalgic it reminds me of an era I have never even been in. It gives me a 70’s/80’s vibe while still being modern. Someone the photos showcase Donavon using equipment that was made popular in previous eras but he utilizes them to his advantage to make a great project. I can definitely hear myself replaying this project in the future.



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