May marks only the second month that we are under some form of Quarantine even though it feels like much longer. Although streaming numbers are down we do get a good amount of releases from high profiled artists and also the biggest artist in the game.

MAY 1ST, 2020


Jojo is known for her very popular single “Leave (Get out) which came out in 2004 believe it or not. I was 8 at the time and just like every other kid in America I loved the song. Since then Jojo has periodically dropped music along the years, it has not had the same effect and she seemingly goes back and stays silent. Lately however, Jojo is appearing more and is showing that she is here to stay. With a new sexier sound Jojo is older and the content is different but she is also cementing herself in the industry once again.


Mozzy is a West Coast artist who in the last couple of years is getting his credit. When it comes to mixing the old with the new, or even having Mexican influence in songs, YG and Mozzy are unmatched. With his sound of course being a typical sounding West Coast soundtrack, it’s also easily digestible for those who are not accustom to that sound. Songs like “Body Count” are more generic sounding but it is a great way of connecting and inviting a newer audience.


The biggest artist in the world decided to drop in May as well. While he has had music leak left and right, and if you pay attention to leaks you hears some of these songs. It was still a solid album. An underrated criticism of albums is the song sequencing and the way they’re placed, these songs are placed properly. Just the name of the album and the cover are already fire and showcase that there’s more to an album and roll out than just the music. This. is also just a tease and the real album. is scheduled for later this year.

MAY 5TH, 2020


On his birthday Chris Brown dropped the long awaited album with Thugger. It was random and out of nowhere but it was special nonetheless, when huge artists do it, it works. This is a great mixture of rap and R&B and back and forth between the two. Both are adept and releasing an insane amount of music and this pairing makes sense and they dabble in both genres very well. Hopefully there is more from the duo in the years to come.

May 8th, 2020


This year has proved that there is no stopping Kehlani. Although the news has not done her justice she still managed to pave her own way and release an album that is going to succeed due to her talent. The last decade Kehlani gained traction, and year after year her following just kept on growing. This album is a storytelling album detailing everything she’s going through and dealing with and has plenty of memorable tracks on it. I reviewd it in depth on my youtube channel as well.


This album is already one of my favorites of the year. In a time where artists are releasing less or have pushed back releases, Lil Durk is going full throttle. This album is so many things but. mainly it’s a story of the trenches which is reiterated multiple times and in many heartfelt songs. He goes in depth not only about what happens in the trenches but also the psyche of everyone in there. A deluxe version of the album is ccoming Friday June 26th and it’s safe to say it’s going to be just as good.

May 15th, 2020


Future is one of those names that everyone knows in Hip-Hop and it’s been that way for a minute. This is his 8th studio album a feat that some get to but not at this level, with 14. mixtapes to add to that that’s a total of 22 projects in a decade. Atlanta itself is known to have artists that release an insane amount of music. (aka Gucci Mane) and Future is no different. Although there is a disparity between how good the album is we can’t forget this amazing achievement he has as well.

May 22nd, 2020


Gunna is another artist that has been on his grind and at the same time on the rise in the music scene. With multiple mixtapes and being beside Lil Baby and Young Thug, Gunna has created his own lane and has crafted his signature sound. This is something that many artists don’t get to this early in their careers. I’m still listening to this album and I’m debating on how much I like, like Future’s it’s either a hit or miss, either way hopefully he continues this trajectory.

May 29th, 2020


2 Quarters of the group formerly known as Slaughterhouse came together to created a project. Although it’s not what the fans really want it’s great to once again hear the chemistry we once had. The similes and metaphors are out of the world as I figured they would be. In a world with the majority of the music that comes out is trap, this is a breath of fresh air to come out at this time.



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